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From Greg Slavonic


Principles Forged in the Crucible of Military Service Can Lead Corporate America Back to the Top.


In his new book, Greg Slavonic brings together several contributors who would rightly be on a “Who’s Who” list of our nation’s most highly honored and decorated military leaders; two, three, and four star Generals, Admirals, Captains, Colonels, and Commanders, war heroes, and two medal of honor recipients – they know what it takes to lead and to succeed. In the pages of this book you will find something that is critical to success in life – a philosophy of leadership that you can take for your own. By reading each chapter, giving thought to what you’ve read, an applying what you’ve learned in action; a discerning reader will gain a thorough understanding of what real leaders are made of – and in the learning can become one, too.

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Who is this Leader?
Greg Slavonic is an expert with over thirty-five years of experience in all types of public relations, media, and combat crisis communications.  He is a results driven entrepreneur with an ethical/character-based management style.

A Recognized Speaker, Consultant, and Mentor.
Greg’s top-level leadership in defense situations can inspire your business.  His experience in large organizational challenges, high-profile corporate/crisis communications, and media relations brings valuable insight to your company’s challenges.

Begin the voyage…Set Sail!
As a leader within your organization Greg can help you better communicate your vision to your managers and employees.  He challenges talented people to work at a level beyond their own expectations.

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- Leadership Development
- Crisis and Strategic Communications
- Media Relations
- Management Retreats
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